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All Low Slope Roofing Systems are susceptible to severe weathering.expansion, contraction and even abuse. It is not uncommon for some leakage to develop at any time after the original roof application as a result of these causes. In addition exposure to strong winds, hail and ice, may result in additional roof system degradation. Roofs frequently don’t last their design life, but with proactive inspections and scheduled maintenance, DeFrehn Corporation can ensure that you’ll beat the odds with a roofing system that can last beyond its normal life cycle.

Even though a manufacturers warranty may have been purchased with your new roof, most roofing materials manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep their warranties’ valid. This means the building owner continues to be responsible for the proper roof care and maintenance to ensure its optimal design performance. If an issue arises under warranty and these steps are not taken it could leave the manufacturer’s warranty void.

Our goal is to ensure performance of your existing roof system by offering a maintenance program, which ultimately reduces the cost incurred for roof repairs and /or replacement when such time arrives.

DeFrehn’s roof inspection consists of the following services:

  1. Inspect the entire roof for damage that may have resulted from foreign objects or from human activity i.e.: HVAC unit
  2. Remove all debris that has accumulated on the roof surface to ensure it does not restrict drainage or cause roof membrane damage.
  3. Inspect and clean all roof drains, overflow drains & scupper drains to ensure an unobstructed flow of rainwater and snow melt.
  4. Inspect all welds and membrane field seams, roof curbs and roof penetrations to verify no voids are currently
  5. Inspect all metal flashings, counter flashings, gutter collector boxes, and downspouts. Make sure they are securely in place and correctly sealed.
  6. An estimate to bring roof system up to a cost effective maintainable level with budget sensitivity.
  7. Submit a written report to the building owner/management company with detailed photos and description of any repairs needed with specific date/time/location of any areas of concern.

“Perfect roof and seven skylight replacements in one day. Cleaned up beautifully, they are the best!”

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“Perfect roof and seven skylight replacements in one day. Cleaned up beautifully, they are the best!”

“Excellent service from Defrehn Roofing with beautiful results for my new roof.”

“We had our roof replaced after a few leaks sprung over the past couple of years. The team was open and honest about the best choice-from repairing to replacing. I highly recommend the Defrehn Roofing team! ”