What Is Cedar Roofing?

Cedar roofing is made of cedar wood cut into shakes or shingles. Contact DeFrehn Roofing today to learn more about cedar roofing or our other roofing services. Our experienced sales team can assist you in choosing the correct cedar roof for your home!

Why Choose DeFrehn Roofing for Your Cedar Roofing Needs

  • Superior quality work, every project, every time!
  • DeFrehn Roofing offers 10-year no-nonsense leakproof warranties in addition to manufacturer warranties.
  • DeFrehn Roofing has been trusted by many property owners for over 49 years. We have had the same name, same address, same phone number for over four decades!
  • DeFrehn Roofing is a family-owned business and we diligently work on each property like it is our own.
  • Our expert roofers can handle any roofing job no matter the size or difficulty!

The Advantages of Using Cedar Roofing

Cedar shingles offer a smooth, classic look, while cedar shakes add a more rugged, rustic appeal. Cedar pieces are also available in different tones, including amber, red, gold, and brown. However you want it, cedar roofing is perfect for adding a unique, natural beauty to your home whether it’s a modern style home, a country cottage, or even a beach house.

Cedar roofing may be particularly known for its unique, natural looks. However, beyond the element of beauty it adds, it also has practical advantages.

Cedar roofing is weather resistant and thermal resistant. It can help you save money and energy because it minimizes the necessity for heating and cooling

With proper maintenance, cedar roofs can last over 25 years. And when the time comes that replacement is necessary, it is possible to only replace the specific shingles that have warped, worn, or cracked, making it not only eco-friendly, but also a wallet-friendly option in the long run. Discarded cedar roofing also has a minimal impact on the environment, as many trees being harvested are replaced by three.

Signs It’s Time To Repair Your Cedar Roof

Cedar roof needs special care and attention. If you have an old cedar roof, be familiar with the following signs to know when to have your cedar roof repaired.

  • cracking, warping, or splitting shingles or shakes
  • loose or missing shingles or shakes
  • water stains on walls and ceilings
  • moss growth
  • rotting and decaying shingles or shakes
  • frayed edges

If the damage is too severe, a roofing replacement might be a more practical option. If you are unsure, contact DeFrehn Roofing today so our expert roofers can evaluate your roof and protect your investment.

“Perfect roof and seven skylight replacements in one day. Cleaned up beautifully, they are the best!”

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“We had our roof replaced after a few leaks sprung over the past couple of years. The team was open and honest about the best choice-from repairing to replacing. I highly recommend the Defrehn Roofing team! ”

“Perfect roof and seven skylight replacements in one day. Cleaned up beautifully, they are the best!”

“Excellent service from Defrehn Roofing with beautiful results for my new roof.”